Monday, September 19, 2016

May 2016

We had a very full plate in May 2016...
ninja Bobo played us many tunes!!
Our second attempt and noreigen bread
This time much better and we devoured a whole loaf and sent the other one to great grandma Bartlett :)
We had field trips...Sissy's class went to her teacher's aunt house for a very sweet butterfly lesson :)
It was at her home and she welcomed each child like they were her own :)
She had stories, soooo many amazing things to see in her garden! A learning experience for all for sure :)
It was such a Blessing that I got to be there...I am soo deeply grateful :)
We then spent Mother's Day on a small trip out of town :) Me and my little mama 
GULP....we then came home to a very sick dog! Who went from walking on paralyzed on Monday :( 
We took the kids to school Tuesday morning and well...papa and I took our pooch to the vet...GULP...well he didn't come home with us...he went Home to our Father. The grief...ouch! But the grief is absolutely worth every single moment we got to spend with him. He was an amazing dog who loved us dearly and was ever so patient with all the crazy this family goes through :)

The next few days were honestly a blur...but Peanut was participating in a swim program the state is now offering all 2nd graders!!
For 2 weeks, the kids got free swim lessons after they were grouped to their swimming ability. It was pretty awesome!
I LOVE it when I can catch Papa laughing hysterically....and I finally caught it on camera!!! Love his smile! He and his baby boy ridiculously excited over walkie talkies!!
Or as Bobo said it, "talkie wakie" lol!! They were both too cute for this mama's heart :)
Sis had her dance recital...ballet and tap! I just love this costume!! It's soooo sweet on her!
One of sissy's fav skating!
Soooo, we finally went back and I bravely took all 3 and prayed it all worked out ;)
Everyone had a blast and with each fall came laughter!!! Feeeeeew!!!
They can't wait to go back :)
My little miss dressing up in her dance costumes...because what fun are they just hanging in the closet?!? 
Sis performed in her very first piano recital at school!! 
She did such a great job for being the youngest one :) sooo proud of her!!
Bobo being his fun little self :) a helmet in the :)
Bobo learning all about money with mama :) 
At school, the big kids celebrated end of the year awards!!!
Both of our little love nuggets worked sooooooo very hard and made All-Year Principal's List!!!! Straight A's allllll year long!!
We are sooooooo beyond proud of them!!! They both want to make this list!!! They encouraged each other throughout the year!!! Sis just LOVES their principal!
More awards...Bobo completed his 2nd year of gym and got his own little medal :)
He works hard and tries....well on his chosen days!! Lol!! Oh how we all love this 3 year olds' spirit!! 
Next award goes to Sis...our deepest lover of gymnastics!!
Her bravery and vision is truly inspiring and motivating to us all :) 
And best of all...she got to share the gym with her bestie and her other friend from school :) 
End of the year parties were a hit!!! 
Peanut with his buds from 2nd grade!
Sis had her party at a water park with all first graders!! It was so fun!
Summer is here!!!!!!! School ended and we hit our favorite spot...sweet spot!!
Summer in full session at home!!!

Snacks, games, tracks, trips to the park...watching the ducks after playing!
Summer is in full swing, but this mama can not help but capitalize on the mere fact that I get to teach them!!!
Summer was awesome!!!!